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Calle Dos Cinco in Historic Capitol Hill is a diverse commercial district boasting some of southwest Oklahoma City’s best flavors, educational and social services, and shopping experiences. 

The district, which was established prior to Oklahoma Statehood, offers a glimpse back in time with historic buildings and classic facades from the early 1900s.

We welcome you to come experience friendly people and good food. We are home to Coney Island serving the best chili dogs for nearly 40 years, Tacos El Milagro and El Potosino offer delicious south-of-the-border favorites, and Grill on the Hill offers a full range of American fare from eggs and pancakes, to baked potatoes and burgers. Explore the full list of local shops and restaurants and come visit often!





Are you in high school, interested in filmmaking? Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this industry and even make your own film! Click HERE to learn more. 








We are honored to be named a Strong Neighborhoods Initiative OKC recipient. This public/private partnership will be an exciting new chapter to revitalize the greater Capitol Hill area.

Thank you the City of Oklahoma City and everyone who made this possible!




Together with the City of Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department, Calle Dos Cinco in Historic Capitol Hill is working with community volunteers to raise awareness and collect ideas for the new Manuel Perez Park at S. Robinson and SW 15th St. in Oklahoma City. The City of OKC is offering our community the opportunity to create a special park in honor of Manuel Perez Jr.

Learn more about Our Hometown Hero


Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our District!

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