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Annual Report – FY13

June 15, 2012 through June 14, 2013


Under the guidance of Executive Director Jorge Hernandez and Assistant Manager Donna Cervantes and with the support of the Board of Directors, Year 4 of the Business Improvement District brought many positive changes.  The Board began the fiscal year with a fundraising training facilitated by grant writer Lori Timmons in July and welcomed Mr. Juan Gonzales as our new Treasurer in August.  The Board’s Annual Retreat was held in November and was followed by a strategic planning session where the Executive Committee conducted a review of the Board’s Committee structure and objectives for the upcoming year.  The approved Committee structure now includes Executive, Finance, BID, Promotions and Plaza Committees.  The Executive Committee has governance authority on all financial, policy, nominating and reporting concerns, as well as with review of the bylaws.   The Finance committee reviews the annual budget, monthly financial reports and taxes.  The BID committee makes recommendations on the BID budget, property owner communications, market surveys, and is responsible for the all service contracts.  The Promotions committee is tasked with marketing, memberships, event planning, networkers, website and newsletters, and business recruiting.  The Plaza committee was specifically formed to oversee the planning, design, and to ensure a successful fundraising campaign for the public Plaza at SW 25th and Robinson St.

The Annual meeting, held in February, featured a presentation in English and Spanish of the accomplishments from the previous year and plans for 2013.  One of the year’s early highlights was the rollout of the new website – – that featured our first business directory and a video tour.  The 7th annual “Fiestas de las Americas” was held on October 6th.  Although attendance was dampened by the unseasonably cold weather, the number of corporate sponsors remained strong and a record number of local schools, civic groups, and businesses participated in the parade, which followed an expanded route down Walker Ave. from Capitol Hill High School.

Advertising and Promotion

By far, the biggest accomplishment of 2013 came at year-end with the adoption of our new brand and logo – Calle Dos Cinco in Historic Capitol Hill.  This creative translation of the SW 25th Street name (literally “Street Two Five”) was chosen as a unique way to identify a “place” that embraces the Hispanic identity of the area while holding on to the historic heritage of the Capitol Hill business district.  Promotion of the new logo began with an exciting new event for the district.  The first “Taco Truck Thursday on Calle Dos Cinco” was held in June and continued on the third Thursday of each month throughout the summer in the parking lot between the Old Opry and Bravo Ranch Market.  The fun, family event featured local food and music and attracted visitors from around downtown and the greater OKC area.  We created our first Facebook page – Historic Capitol Hill OKC – to promote the event and generate interest in the district.  Further promotion of the new brand is planned through the sale of customized street banners that will improve the appearance of the street and identify the district as a unique place to shop, dine, and do business.

Maintenance and Beautification

U.S. Lawns provided general maintenance of the district’s 15 landscape beds under a contract that runs from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.  Event Productions, Inc. provided trash removal along SW 25th St. from Walker to Broadway, as well as the portion of Harvey, Hudson, and Robinson from SW 24th St. to SW 26th St. on a weekly basis.  In addition, we were pleased to partner with Neighborhood Alliance, Neighborhood Housing Services, and County Commissioner Brian Maughan’s office on two beautification projects this year that provided landscape bed cleanup and flower planting.

The Board of Directors and staff appreciate the continued support from our BID property owners, business owners, City staff, and other partners, and we look forward to providing more value to the Historic Capitol Hill District in the upcoming year.

Respectfully Submitted,


Randy Quiroga-King
CHMS Board President

Fiestas de las Americas 2013 Photos

We had a great time at this year’s Fiestas de las Americas. Below are some pictures of this year’s event.

FIestas de las Americas

Fiestas 2013 has officially relocated to the Cox Convention Center

Fiestas 2013 has officially relocated to the Cox Convention Center, due to the possibility of thunderstorms throughout the day this Saturday. We will continue with our program as planned indoors. Our parade will also be taking place indoors (with minor changes). We will be sending further details to all of our participants, but the Fiesta will go on! Free Admission!

Fiestas 2013 se mueve al Cox Convention Center! Se esperan tormentas durante todo el día este Sábado y por la seguridad de todos el festival se llevara acabo adentro del Cox Convention Center. El desfile también se llevara acabo adentro (con algunos cambios), estaremos contactando a todos nuestros participantes para darles mas detalles. La Entrada es Gratis!


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